Dicover unique Marlborough wines that truly preserve and deliver the grapes
full spectrum of delicate flavours and aromas through dedicated vineyard
management and careful winemaking.

Explore our prestige and premium ranges and you can be guaranteed to
find a Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay perfect for any day of the
week and for any occasion.

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unique special offers and wine tastings
that are coming up in your area.
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Our prestige range of
hand-crafted wines are made
from handpicked grapes and
produced following classic
winemaking traditions.

Paying homage to
the iconic walnut
tree which
stands among the
vines at Walnut
Block, our
premium range is
vibrant and

Premium, cottage-style
accommodation set in the
vineyards peaceful, serene
surroundings. The perfect
escape all year round.

Are you interested in becoming a
distributor for Walnut Block or keen
to sell our wine in your store or

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